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Sustainability & Investment Strategy Tool (SIS)

Our Sustainability and Investment Strategy Tool is designed to help you better understand the investment strategy that best suits your clients objectives, preferences, and orientation to ESG.

What’s included:

  • Match the form branding to your organization
  • Embed the form into your website
  • Email a secure link to your client for completion prior to meetings
  • Collect, manage, edit and store all data securely
  • PDF Client copy available.
  • Receive bespoke notifications on completion
  • Build bespoke reports from collected data
  • Export data in multiple formats
  • Secure data storage for future compliance.

The Sustainability and Investment Strategy Tool contains ten questions in total (with two types of question design, numerically rated in reverse for internal validity), with easy drop-down selections ranging from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree”. Seven of the questions are rated positively from 1-5, and three negatively 5-1. The minimum score is 10 and the maximum score is 50.

The total score is used to select one of three orientations to ESG issues.

ESG Aware:“Your responses indicated that while you understand the meaning of responsible investing you do not want ESG considerations to influence your investment strategy. You want to focus on generating a financial return.”

ESG Focused: – “Your responses indicated that you understand the meaning of responsible investing and want to take ESG into consideration when developing your investment strategy. You have some minimum standards in mind with respect ESG and its influence on your investments.”

ESG Dedicated:“Your responses indicated that you want to invest responsibly and have specific objectives in mind. You want to invest with a positive impact in mind, and this is equally or more important than achieving a financial return.”

The impact our decisions have on the environment is becoming increasingly important. This includes our financial planning strategy and how we choose to invest our money. The impact of a company’s activities can be felt through their governance, the sustainability of their products or services, and influence on society. Collectively, these influences are commonly referred to as Environmental, Governance, and Social, abbreviated to ESG. It is wholly appropriate that clients can make investment choices that take these factors into account.

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