It’s easy to register and start capturing client data

Getting Started

Getting started with My Factfind couldn’t be easier or simpler. Right now, you can benefit from our start-up offer, and possibly make a little bit of history, just sign up now. We are also offering some special early adopter pricing plans, plus you can also apply for a voucher code to try our system for free!


Register Your Company

Our clever registration form lets you choose your own web site address! By typing in your company name, our system will automatically make a suggestion for you (see the example below). This is the web address (URL) that will be used to host your site, and to provide access to your clients.

Setup Payment and Vouchers

After you have completed the Registration form, you will be asked to enter a voucher code (if you have one). Voucher codes allow you to try our product for an extended period, prior to any payments being taken by Direct Debit. Once completed, proceed to setup your Direct Debit details.

Setup Check List

Before you register, there are a number of things you will need – preparing these in advance will save you time. The whole registration process takes less that 10 minutes, and don’t worry, you can always change things later (plus you can even skip some of the steps and then come back to them).


Company Information & Bank Details

You will need the obvious things like your company name, address, email addresses, telephone number etc. You will also need your bank sort code and account number, so we can verify your payment details.


A Corporate Badge or Icon

This is a small image that gets displayed at the very top-left of your screen. We will resize it, with a height of 40px, for best results. Valid File types are png, jpg or gif. (If you don’t want this to appear, then click here to download and use our “blank” example).


Site Footer Information

Your site footer will appear at the bottom of your site. It’s worth giving it some thought and having the text saved in notepad so you can cut and paste it into the editor. We suggest things like your company number, compliance statement etc.

Corporate Logo

This Logo will be used throughout your site and also on any reports/emails generated by the site. We will make multiple resized copies of it for best results throughout the site, but an image with a height of 200px and width up to 1200px would work best. Valid File types are png, jpg or gif.

Corporate Colour

This is the colour that will be used throughout your site, select a colour that best matches your Corporate colour.

Your Site Pages

Your site will also include a home page, a contact page and a terms & conditions page, Have a think about what text you would like to include on these pages.

Technical Support is available by contacting
If you are an existing My Factfind customer, you can also register for FREE on our Support Ticket system.