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Attitude to Risk Questionnaire (ATRQ)

Packed with features, to help you document and demonstrate suitability, throughout the advice process, our ATRQ is designed to make sure your clients fully understand the risks involved with investing, and are comfortable with the agreed level of risk.

With the ATRQ you can:

  • Match the ATRQ branding to your organization
  • Embed the ATRQ into your website
  • Email a secure link to your client for ATRQ completion prior to meetings
  • Collect, manage, edit and store all ATRQ data securely
  • Automatically create a bespoke PDF of client responses
  • Receive bespoke notifications on completion
  • Build bespoke reports from collected data
  • Export data in multiple formats

The ATRQ is built using our My Facfind Creator Tool and comprises of 4 main data collection areas:

  • Personal Details
  • Investing Experience
  • Attitude to Risk
  • Capacity for Loss
  • Summary

We have collaborated closely with leading academics across the psychometric testing landscape to develop our ATRQ. All financial services firms should ensure that they have a robust process for assessing the risk a customer is willing and able to take, for example assessing a customer’s capacity for loss and identifying customers that are best suited to placing their money in cash deposits because they are unwilling or unable to accept the risk of loss of capital.

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To use our Attitude to Risk Questionnaire (ATRQ) you will need a My FactFind Creator account. My FactFind Creator is a Secure Online Tool for building questionnaires and surveys, with unlimited components, allowing for unlimited responses. With multiple question types including text, numeric, drop-downs, multiple choice, spam protection and much more, it’s easy to create powerful data capture forms using the drag and drop interface.

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