Capture income and expenditure data for analysis


The “My Data” tool, My Factfind contains a set of comprehensive income and expenditure questions to help your clients understand the money they will need at each stage of their life. The My Factfind bespoke “Ledgers” service will help your clients plan for the future.

Using the “Ledgers” tool your clients can:

  • Provide detailed and accurate information about all their income and expenditure
  • Track income and expenditure historically year on year
  • Access historical ledgers
  • Download and print a branded PDF of all their income and expenditure
  • Produce “Ledgers” for other members of their family using their personalized “My Data” areas

Each time the income and expenditure data is updated, the “Ledgers” tool allows your clients to create a new output based on the most recent information.

The “Ledgers” tool becomes available for any client who has submitted their own income and expenditure data (or information for other family members). The “Ledgers” tool can be run multiple times and is refreshed each time income and expenditure data is updated. Historical ledgers always remain available for the client and family members.

The “Ledger” tool provides the information as a branded and downloadable PDF for clients.

The My Factfind bespoke “Ledgers” tool will help your clients plan for the future. Most of us completely underestimate what we spend, but usually manage to get through most of our income. If we’re not careful there may be nothing left over to plan for the future, pay for a mortgage or meet an emergency. Whatever the case, understanding your spending patterns is therefore a critical first step in your financial planning to determine what you have to spend, and what you commit to financial planning.

The PDF “Ledgers” download is styled to match your company brand.

The income data does not appear on the “Ledgers” printout unless it has been entered for the current year. Data can be carried over from the previous year and then edited as required.