A quick way to get to know our product

My Factfind Product Tour

Our Product Tour is designed to showcase all the key My Factfind features! It’s a quick and easy way to get to know what our product has to offer without having to sign up! (Note: Our Product Tour is particularly useful if you don’t have access to your organizations payment details).

Explore the client features

The factfind tool, that is completed by your clients is the core application in the My Factfind platform. Containing 24 main sections, with detailed questions in each, this tool allows clients to record and update all their personal and financial information. We’ve been through these forms ourselves with hundreds of clients, so we know they work.​

You can try all the ‘client side’ features of My Factfind by signing up as a ‘test’ client on our example site
Sign up:  https://mycompanynameltd.factfind.me.uk.


Visit our example site and complete the registration to sign up as an example client. Once you’ve submitted the registration form, you will receive a “Congratulations” confirmation message followed by an activation email. The email contains an activation link which must be clicked before the account becomes active. (Note: Sometimes these emails can get caught in SPAM filters, check the junk mail folder if the email does not arrive.)

Sign in

Once you’ve registered, sign in with your username & password. You will see your name under “People’s Data”, click the “Actions” button to add your information. (Note: Remember you are signed up as a ‘test’ client on our example site, so it’s really important that you don’t add any factual information!)

Add data

Click on each section and use the “+” icon to add information, use the “update button” to save your changes. Select “My Dashboard” and use the “+” button to add other people for whom you’re responsible. The “Ledgers” tool becomes available for any client who has submitted their own income and expenditure data (or information for other family members).

Explore the management features

Built into My Factfind are a range of additional features to help you, your staff, and your clients, manage and get the most out of their data. We’ve prepared a great range of walk-through articles and resources to give you an overview of all the key My Factfind admin and advisor features.

Click on a topic below to get started …

Explore the Admin Dashboard

Once you have registered with My Factfind, and gone through the setup wizard, you will be able to login to your “Dashboard” and use the various tools we have included.

Explore the Factfind

The factfind tool, is the core application in the My Factfind platform. Containing 24 main sections, with detailed questions in each, this tool allows clients to record and update all their personal and financial information.

Explore the Client Dashboard

Once your clients have registered (or been added manually) on the My Factfind system, the ‘Client (User) Dashboard’ is a great place to manage information related to individual clients.

Explore the Ledgers

The “My Data” tool, My Factfind contains a set of comprehensive income and expenditure questions to help your clients understand the money they will need at each stage of their life.

Explore Registering Clients

Once you’ve setup your very own branded version of My Factfind, you’re all ready to ask your clients to register and start completing their own personal fact find information.

Explore the Activity Tracker

The “Activity Tracker” is designed to provide a log of all interactions that take place on the My Factfind platform, for example logging staff activity when made on behalf of clients.

Explore the tutorials

If you’re still hungry for more, then take a deep dive into our Getting Started Guide & Video Tutorials. You’ll find a range of detailed information, covering topics like how to register, on-boarding clients, storing notes & files, building and developing your ‘Digital Doorway’ and much more!

Getting Started Guide

Getting started with My Factfind couldn’t be easier, our clever registration form lets you choose your own web site address!

Video Tutorials

Learn more about what My Factfind has to offer by watching our extensive range of video tutorails.

Plans and Pricing

Getting started with My Factfind couldn’t be easier or simpler. Right now, you can benefit from our start-up offer, and possibly make a little bit of history, just sign up now. We are also offering some special early adopter pricing plans, plus you can also apply for a voucher code to try our system for free!

* Payments are processed by Evolving People LTD (Company No. 7810032).
Direct Debits are provisioned using GoCardless LTD and payable monthly for each tier.