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Plans and Pricing

Getting started with My Factfind couldn’t be easier or simpler. Right now, you can benefit from our start-up offer, and possibly make a little bit of history, just sign up now. We are also offering some special early adopter pricing plans, plus you can also apply for a voucher code to try our system for free!

How our pricing works

My Factfind allows you (or your clients) to add multiple people (partners, family members, dependents etc.), to a user account. This means that each person added to the system is allocated a separate Factfind ‘My Data’ set. Each Factfind ‘My Data’ set can be managed independently, but only accessed by either staff / admin or by the main user themselves. The admin dashboard indicates the ‘Number of FactFinds’ and the number of registered ‘Users’ on the system.

Billing is based on the “Number of FactFinds” total each month. The example below shows a main user Mr John Doe, along with two other family members, Mrs Jane Doe (John’s wife) and Mr Dave Doe (John’s son) – making a total of three clients. In this example only Mr John Doe is a registered user with access to My Factfind.

* Payments are processed by Evolving People LTD (Company No. 7810032).
Direct Debits are provisioned using GoCardless LTD and payable monthly for each tier.