Comprehensive data collection covering major financial areas


The factfind tool, that is completed by your clients is the core application in the My Factfind platform. Containing 24 main sections, with detailed questions in each, this tool allows clients to record and update all their personal and financial information. (Note: We have called the factfind tool “My Data” – this becomes visible after you have added your first client).

Using the “My Data” tool your clients can:

  • Provide detailed and accurate information about all personal and financial areas
  • Update this information at anytime, producing up to the minute factfind printouts
  • Provide bespoke notes for their adviser
  • Download and print a branded PDF of all their data
  • Download and print a paper copy containing just the questions
  • Produce factfinds for other members of their family with their own “My Data” area

Our dedicated My Factfind platform allows your clients to securely upload details about their financial circumstances and financial provisions. This allows you to build detailed financial models to support and enhance their financial planning strategy.

The “My Data” tool contains 24 default categories. By using the site “Setup Wizard”, any of the categories can be excluded if necessary from the client “My Data” tool. Each category contains a “Notes” section with a WYSIWYG editor at the end of the question set – useful for adding any information not covered in the main questions.