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How it Works

My Factfind has been designed to help you get to know your clients, their circumstances, and requirements. This means you can offer advice ideally suited to their needs. We’ve been through these forms ourselves with hundreds of clients, so we know they work.

Data Collection Features

The factfind tool, that is completed by your clients is the core application in the My Factfind platform. Containing 24 main sections, with detailed questions in each, this tool allows clients to record and update all their personal and financial information.


Personal Information

Address History

Dependents Details

Current Employments

Previous Employments

Current Employee Benefits

Previous Employee Pensions

Income Sources

Expenditure Details

Contingency Planning

Life Assurance


Disability Benefit

Private Medical Insurance

Wills & Trusts

Credit History Details

Loans & Credit Cards

Properties to be Mortgaged

Asset Details

Goals & Priorities

Management features

Built into My Factfind are a range of additional features to help you, your staff, and your clients, manage and get the most out of their data.


Create a Branded Website

Create Staff Accounts

Store Client Notes & Files

Track Client Activity


Download Blank Factfinds

Download Factfind Reports

Identify Missing Client Data

Download Client Ledgers

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